Monday, October 30, 2017

My latest health adventures

I'm keeping my mouth shut, literally
Due to a few relatively-minor health problems, there are now so many foods I can't eat that there's not a single snack I can buy from a subway newsstand to nosh on the way home.  That's wonderful news for both my waistline and my wallet--I joked with my husband that I'm going to save us a small fortune.  :)

A hole in, er, two
The poor nurses were just trying to insert an intravenous line into my arm, but weren't having much luck--the right arm wouldn't cooperate.  And so, with many apologies, they poked a hole in my left arm, too, in almost exactly the same place.  So I'm now walking around with nearly-identical wads of gauze pads bound tightly to each arm by self-sticking bandages wrapped all the way around like tefillin straps.  I'm so well-coordinated, I'm practically fashionable.  :)

On a serious note, I'm well acquainted with a number of people who are in much worse health than I, and some of them are startlingly close to my own age, or even considerably younger.  So I've very grateful, indeed, that my health problems are relatively minor.


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